Discovery Elements

“Discovery elements” - objects, symbols, wording, etc that are hidden into logos.

A great logo not only brands a company well and makes a consumer feel a kinda way…it is also comprised of more. Great logo design incorporates discovery elements that are woven from the fabric of their corporations or rooted in the authenticity and passion behind their work.

I’ve taken a look at five recognizable logos and deconstructed them to get a glimpse at what they are cleverly hiding.

FedEx - one of the world’s most known shipping companies.


Le Tour De France - the largest and most well-know bicycling event of the year.


Hershey’s Kisses - the chocolate confectionary everyone knows and loves.


Wendy’s - the popular burger chain from Dublin, Ohio.


Tostitos - the tortilla chip brand owned by Frito-Lay.

Steven Castro-Savich