Uganda Be Kidding Me

Uganda will now be taxing social media users in an effort to "raise revenue and decrease gossip." The tax was passed on Wednesday, May 30th by the country's parliament and will be 200 shillings per day ($0.0531), which amounts to roughly $19 per year or 3% of an average Ugandan’s income. Critics of the tax are calling bullshit and saying it is a tactic to silence criticism of President Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since 1986.

According to data from the Uganda Communications Commission, nearly 40% of the 40 million Ugandans use social media, with Facebook and WhatsApp being the most used platforms. In 2016, access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp was blocked in the lead up to and during the presidential campaign.

The tax will begin on July 1st, the start of the country's fiscal year.  


Headline copywriter: Rachel Wegienka 

Steven Castro-Savich